Why buy vintage?

Choosing jewellery comes down to personal taste. That’s why it’s so tricky. Especially if you’re on the hunt for a unique engagement ring, an amazing piece for a Mum-to-be, or even a cheeky little treat for yourself. Throw a list of 21 st century must-haves into the mix and you could be lost on Instagram forever.

Coco Florence to the rescue. We believe vintage and antique rings are the only way to go. Here are four fab reasons to buy preloved beauty:

You’ll constantly hear these words…

“Wow, where did you get that ring?” It’s the spirit of vintage and antique rings that appeals to many people. The stories behind them, the life they’ve lived. Other folk just really like the sparkly bits. Whether you’re looking for originality or a wow piece that attracts plenty of comments, vintage gives you so many unique choices and designs.

You’re helping planet Earth

Buying vintage means you’re doing your bit for sustainability and celebrating a culture of reuse. There are no extra demands on the environment to mine for new stones. You don’t have to buy emeralds to be green!

Timeless is the new ‘now’

Classic pieces of jewellery from traditional design eras endure centuries. Their elegance, quality and glamour never go out of fashion. Vintage and antique rings are an investment in style that can be passed on through your family, to the next generation.

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